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Pet Accessories

  • Leather Accessories
  • Camera/Small Device Cases
  • Pet Accessories
  • Optical Equipment

Quality that strengthens the bond with your pet

Mutual trust is essential between a pet and its owner.
At Koizumi, we aim to create pet accessories with creativity and with our great dedication to production that can bring satisfaction to both the owner and more importantly, to the pet. We strive to improve our products with the creed üecustomer satisfaction determines the best products for companies.

Production characteristics and philosophy of our products

Pet accessories are manufactured in China upon receipt of orders. Since they are made overseas, the production of small quantity orders incurs difficulties with importation costs. However, we do guarantee the quality of the texture, appearance, and embroidery.
In order to build and strengthen trust in our relationship with our customers, we always respond immediately in good faith to every enquiry.
In addition, our company constantly strives to attain higher achievements in business development and design capabilities through continuous improvement.

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