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Camera/Small Device Cases

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Sincerely handcrafted cases

The origin of Koizumi is the manufacturing of camera cases. In the old days, cameras were luxury items, and many owners liked to protect their cameras with putting them in leather case.
To make a case that can protect a camera with both combined functionality and a natural appearance, advanced techniques are strictly required. Due to the nature of leather, delicate adjustments are imperative, in particular, small-sized or specialized cases require sensitive work, as showcased by the know-how and skill of our workers. Since leather is a natural material every single piece is unique, thus no two products are alike.
Camera cases are the crystallization of Koizumifs technology.

Everything from hard to soft cases

Koizumi produces various kinds of cases according to each customerfs request and application. They range from cell phone and portable game cases to aluminum suitcases for professionals.
Currently, the Chinese factory is the main production point, but some cases for optics manufacturers are made domestically. Whether it is in large or small lots, we offer the most suitable cases for you.

Manufacturing sites

In recent years, many companies have shifted their production overseas but we wish to keep as many production-related divisions as possible in Japan. Therefore, most of the samples are still created domestically.
Moreover, machines such as the leather clicker, large-scale cutting machine, embroiderer, and high-frequency welder are still being maintained and used in Japan to keep the spirit of the founders alive.

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