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Leather Accessories

  • Leather Accessories
  • Camera/Small Device Cases
  • Pet Accessories
  • Optical Equipment

Uniqueness of leather

Leather has unique characteristics. Depending on which region is used, the rate of contraction and how it stains may differ, and this can sometimes be cumbersome for the worker. However, its delicate nature can yield a unique warm-heartedness. The leather accessory business began with an accumulation of techniques to make full use of the leather and a desire to aspire even higher.

Together with customers

Koizumi started as a camera case manufacturer. We are still new to the leather accessory business, but in cooperation with many people we have successfully launched our original brands COBU, PLOW, and Lino.
We hope to continue promoting these brands and responding to customer demands, such as sales in smaller lots or enhancing the color variation.

Technology and production line

What image do you have of leather accessories? As dedicate and luxurious product? Or even a wild looking biker? Whatever view you may have, at Koizumi we can work the leather freely to suit your own image. One of our companyfs benefits is the ability to plan, design, test, produce, and sell every product ourselves.
We have a time-proven record of manufacturing camera cases as carefully and precisely as required. Every product contains our workersf reliable craftsmanship, such as adjusting the thickness of the leather to within 0.1mm.
As our achievements and technology attest, we can create any kind of leather accessory the customer has in mind. This is the pride of Koizumi.

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