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Greetings from the President

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Confidence and reliance are the foundation. Ingenuity is the progress.

Haruki Koizumi
Since our founding in 1951, we at Koizumi Manufacturing have made constant improvements with the motto evalue the fundamentals while delivering high quality products to our customers.f

Key material selection is based on data on environment, durability, and color fading with the properties of the product. Prototypes are trialed repeatedly to maintain our corporate philosophy of econfidence and reliability.f

We also work hard to reform our business structure. While improving the equipment and working environment, we have eagerly pursued new challenges, such as launching our original brands COBU, PLOW and Lino.
All of our employees are encouraged to foster moral awareness and responsibility.
We always maintain an inquisitive mind and try to stay inventive in our work.

We take our customersf opinions seriously and incorporate them into our manufacturing. We believe this is Koizumifs mission. We cherish our ties with our customers and wish to keep contributing to society.
@President@Haruki Koizumi